Winter Tours

Your Winter tour experience will be with real mushers, Iditarod and Quest finishers.

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Winter tour includes






Alaska at its Best!  Ride with a team of Iditarod huskies.  We run through stunning scenery on actual training trails for a wilderness experience.  Our educational and entertaining indoor Iditarod presentation is the best in the business.  For our Rides we use double stanchion sleds.  You can sit or stand but we reserve the right to place you where we feel you are best suited.  Mother nature rules and trail conditions dictate many of our decisions.  We reserve the right to modify your tour to make it safe and fun!  Our itineraries offer a variety of options.  Each itinerary describes age limits and physical requirements for that tour.  Look over our itineraries and book now!  We have the gear!  Parka’s, boots, suits, bibs, musher caps, socks and driving mitts for you.

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Two to two and a half hours – Ages-12-75 – You can sit or stand

  • $239 pp 1 and 2 Guests
  • $219 pp 3 and 4 Guests
  • $189 pp 5 and 6 Guests
  • $179 pp 6 to 12 Guests

This is our “go to” tour for entry level guests.  This tour is good for all ages, younger and older.  We start with our indoor Iditarod presentation-educational and fun!  Rides will be five to six miles on wilderness trails using our double stanchion sleds.  You have the option to sit or stand depending on your health and ability.  A guide will be with you on the sled.  You may drive the team your first time out but we are careful not to get you beyond your means.  Feel the power-the speed!

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Three to three and a half hours – Ages 13-60 – good health, good shape, fit – Maximum number of guests is 6 at a time

  • $249 pp 1 and 2 guests
  • $239 pp 3 and 4 guests
  • $219 pp 5 and 6 guests

This is our more advanced day tour.  We start with our indoor Iditarod program – educational and fun!  Ride and Drive our Iditarod dogs on more advanced trails.  Rides will be from 10-15 miles.  We will use our double stanchion sleds and guide will be with you.  After a mile or two out of the kennel you will take over the front stanchion, driving the team.  These trails are the same ones we use to train for the Iditarod Race- four foot wilderness trails through the boreal forest over swamps, lakes, and hills.  Yahoo!

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Five to five and a half hours – Offered in February, March through April 15th only; days are longer and warmer then.  This is a family and tour group program.  Ages 8-75

  • $239 pp  –  book 6-12 only; if you have a larger group-book two days in a row

This is our Dream Ride Program with Lunch and the afternoon spent outdoors with the sled dogs.  Arrive at the kennel at 10am and enjoy the indoor Iditarod Presentation.  Next have a sit down lunch upstairs.  After lunch we dress for the outdoors and go for Rides.  We will set up a checkpoint four or five miles from the kennel, have a bonfire and hot chocolate.  (The first group of guests head out on the trail with the dog teams.  The remaining guests will be shuttled to the checkpoint.  At the checkpoint, the inbound teams will stop.  The riding guests will be unloaded and the waiting guests will be loaded onto the sleds.)  It is a ton of fun riding and being with the dog teams in beautiful Willow.  We strive to make this a very special day for groups!  Woof Woof



Four hour tour – Ages: – 18-60 – good health, active, athletic – minimum two guests – maximum four guests

  • $299 pp – book 2 to 5 guests only

This is our exclusive mush your team program.  Start with the indoor Iditarod presentation and receive additional dog driving instruction.  The art of harnessing, hooking up dogs, commands, sled man ship, snow hooking and trail marking are taught.  Enjoy a standard Iditarod sled with our huskies as your team.  Trail conditions and your abilities will determine the number of dogs on your team.  You command the leaders – gee – haw, wow!, following the marked trail.  Cruising with an Iditarod trained dog team is a ton of fun!  The power, speed and charisma of the dogs is a wonderful thing to behold!  You will be supervised by experienced mushers.  Mush On!

Paw lines


Four days, three nights – Ages: – 18-60 – good health, active, athletic – minimum two guests – maximum four guests

  • $1049 pp – book to 2 to 4 guests only

This is our exclusive working and learning program designed to advance you to a competent musher in days.  Stay in our bed and breakfast-the Iditarod Suite or the Yukon Quest Suite.  Learn the way of an Iditarod musher; work with and be with our great sled dogs.  Drive your own teams daily.  You will be an integral part of the whole operation from start to finish.  You will feed, and care for the dogs, harness and unharness.  You will carry gear and supplies in the sled.  You will be responsible for your team and your own well being but you will be supervised by an experienced Iditarod Musher.  Driving a team is an art – you need to relax and move with the sled and trail.  We will instill confidence in you as you stay here.  You will do night runs.  Your final day we take dog teams out on the actual Iditarod Re-Start trail leaving Willow.  We will head out to the Big Su River and log in a 30 to 40 mile run.

Clothing to bring:

  • Several layers long underwear – one wool blend / tops and bottoms
  • Gortex shells – top and bottom – fleece layer top – and a vest
  • Gloves, sock – wool mitts
  • Thirty below winter boots – Beta Bunny boots if possible
  • Insulated Winter bibs
  • Iditarod rated Parka-a good one with hood
  • Musher caps and balaclava
  • General work clothing

Recommended Reading

  • Dog Driver by Miki and Julie Collins
  • Reaching Beyond the Clouds by Cindy L. Abbott
  • Winterdance by Gary Paulson


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